The Maze of Bast

After the long plane ride from Las Vegas to Cairo Alexander, Monty and Lao met in an airport McDonald’s. From there they went to visit Monty’s friend Mike, a pilot who flew transport craft within Egypt. Mike agreed to take the trio to the location indicated on Monty’s map and deposited them in the desert near a rock outcropping.

At the location indicated on the map the three found themselves

facing a picture of Bast. The ever curious Lao opened the portal while his new found friends were still discussing the ramifications of the symbolism. Beyond the door was a shard realm and a maze. After a few hours of wandering they discovered three things. 1) Walking down a hallway they had already traversed activated sandstone lion creatures which attacked them. 2) Alexander’s letter from Cassandra contained directions for traversing the maze. 3) The very first turn they had made was wrong and every hallway they had traversed since then had only taken them further from the course they wished to follow.

Alexander settled down to figure out what to do, and with the

help of an amulet of Monty’s he managed to twist the space within the shard realm, bending reality to put them closer to where they wanted to be. After that they traversed the twists and tricks of the maze without error and presented the two stone guardians of the treasure chamber with their desired feasts.

It was Lao who managed to climb the giant cat statue and pry the

emerald sphere out of it’s open eye socket. As he tossed the basketball sized jewel to Monty reality twisted once again, and this time none of the companions were in control of the shape it took. When the chaos settled they found themselves back in front of the now non- existent door right where they had started from. The only difference was that they now had the sphere known as the Eye of Bast.

Mike was not scheduled to return for three days, and no one wanted

to wait that long. Alexander managed to get a call out on his cell phone and asked his mentor for transportation. Shortly thereafter three camels came wandering out of the desert. None of the companions wished to ride the camels back to Cairo and so they decided to make use of the provisions the camels were carrying and wait for Mike’s return. This gave their enemies plenty of time to find them.

The dust plume from the jeep was the first sign they had that they

had been discovered. It was not long after that when they first made out the shapes of the two men in the vehicle. As the jeep reached the outcropping Monty leaped down upon the men in black suits (MIB’s) from above. A pitched battle ensued and our three heroes emerged victorious. After the deaths of the two MIB’s and the banishment of their oddly engined jeep there was peace amidst the rocky outcropping until Mike came to return our heroes to civilization.

Mike accepted the camels as payment for his services and

Alexander booked a room at the nicest hotel he could find. After cleaning up and settling in Master Alex enjoyed a night on the town. Monty and Lao explored the town as well, though in a different way. The group decided not to use the return tickets that had come with their flights to Cairo, so Monty scalped them and did some shopping. During his excursion he was surprised to find his amulet reacting to a young woman he encountered on the street and Monty drafted Lao to help him manufacture a excuse to speak with her. She proved to have a bracelet that was very similar in component materials to his amulet.

Lao noticed a very different phenomena. The dynamic duo was being

followed by a man whose mind Lao could not read. Monty laid a false trail which their follower followed and the two returned to their hotel unharmed, though Lao found himself short some cash after a momentary encounter with some of Cairo’s most youthful citizens.

The young woman was named Amanra and the man proved to be her

rather protective older brother, Mezziz. The bracelet had been given to her by her mother as a dowry, but Mezziz was willing to trade it for some help destroying Pridemi enterprises. The group accepts, but they want help leaving Egypt as well. Mezziz agrees to that without any objections.

So our three heroes found themselves dressed as employees of

Pridemi driving a truck filled with a dozen manacled “volunteers” through the gates of a small (12 bed) facility with military grade defenses. Mezziz and his people promised to handle the outer defense if the infiltration team could set a virus in the computer system and a bomb beside it. They manged to do both, but not without attracting attention.

The short man with the Hitler mustache was obviously in charge of

the three agents, two of whom were the MIB’s the group had killed mere days before. Subterfuge and violence ensued (in that order) before Monty drove a bread truck through the wall, collected his new friends and got them out before the bomb exploded (with the help of a push from Alexander when the truck got stuck).

Mezziz and his friends kept their word and took the characters

with them when they walked to Greece. (No one who was with them really asked how they managed that.) Once in Greece they bought plane tickets home. Along the way Alexander worked hard to pick up a pretty blond in an airport bar and Monty tangled with customs agents over his ‘reflecting globe’.

The three MIB’s showed up at the Las Vegas airport in wait for the

characters and a hilarious car chase in which our heroes drove a ladder truck across the tarmac ensued. Monty managed to arrange for the ladder to be fatal to the MIB’s and Alexander torched what was left of their strange pursuers. They piled into Alexander’s car and lost their more normal pursuers in the dark alleys of Vegas.

The Eye has been given to Magenta and all of the P.C.’s are now

back at their home base. You guys have a while (game time) before I once again interfere with your lives. If you want to do some things on your own now is the time to let me know about it. Feel free to email me with plans and objectives.


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