Yit ya'hote

An ancient Native American Changeling. The guardian of the Howling stone.


Yit-Yahote is an ancient native American woman. Her face is wrinkled and leathery and her dark eyes peer out from the folds of her skin. Even sitting the hunch in her back is obvious, but her long fingers move gracefully through the threads of her loom like a spider’s legs as it traverses its web. She doesn’t stop weaving for a moment as she speaks to you, but her eyes are rarely on her threads.

“They wanted me because I am the guardian of the Howling Stone, but I knew they wouldn’t like what I had to tell them so I ran. The guardian has no control over the stones or the maps. She is just a keeper of tales. I have nothing they wanted, but that would not have satisfied them.”
“The stone contains the instruction for reaching the City of Dreams, The white men call it the City of Gold. Within the city is the Great Mountain, The Temple at the Heart of the World, where wishes become reality. A piece of the city can take you to the gates, but the maps to thye howling stone are easier to find.”

“The maps to the Stone look like whatever the bearer thinks a map should look like. The key to recognizing them is that the Bearer of the maps is always the starting point…the rest of the map shifts around to compensate.”

“The Wisher never survives the wish. Instead the temple creates of them a monument to the desires of man. Any who touch the monument to a wish can remember what the world was like before that wish was made and know the mind and heart of the wisher.”

“Changelings escape the chaos of Arcadia by remembering the world they new despite the changes that surround them. A few humans have the same knack. If they were kidnapped to Arcadia they would likely return as changelings. It is this knack for remembering that allows us to see the changes made by wishes. Otherwise, only those who have had contact with a piece of the city in between wishes can remember the wishes and understand their consequences.”

Yit yahote doesn’t have a story about any of the most recent three wishes yet. If you ask why not she will tell you that “The Clow spirits have not yet visited me to tell me those stories.”


Yit ya'hote

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