Place- The Catholic Orphan Asylum

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Established in 1845 by five Roman Catholic Founders to safeguard the cultural heritage of their dependent children, The Catholic Orphan Asylum was one of the largest residential child care homes in Chicago. Initially, the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ were recruited from Germany to take charge of the facility, located on a 40-acre site at 2001 Devon Avenue. The Catholic Orphan Asylum, opened their doors in 1849 in the aftermath of a cholera epidemic.

Turn-of-the-century progressive reformers like Jane Addams attacked these orphanages as places that warehoused children in unhealthy, overcrowded buildings. Reformers wanted children kept at home. Despite the complaints, new orphanages continued to be built between 1890 and 1920. These orphanages spread from Chicago, through-out America and into other countries through a missionary based system. They were often seen as places that single-parent families in financial crisis could safely keep their children, and even today many of the children housed in these facilities have living parents and relatives.

Currently the organization is based out of Chicago and run by a nun who goes by the name of Saint Mary La Rue. There is at least one facility in every state. The facilities have scholarship agreements with the large state universities. There are no overt connections between the villain groups and the orphanages… but when the party cross checked the names of enemies (the girl harassing Monty, Janet from Pridemi, Diane from Florida) with the orphanage and its scholarship programs they found a lot of matches. When they went to their local branch they stepped into a nest of snakes. Literally.


Place- The Catholic Orphan Asylum

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