James Henry Wainright

Veronica's mentor. Really. She's not sleeping with him. Absolutely not.


Once upon a time the first James Henry Wainright was exploring the Spring Mountains when he stumbled upon a site of great power. He turned it into his base of operations, ignoring the distance between its location and his business. His son continued this trend, turning this remote site into a combination of vast mansion and fortified estate. To reach the Wainright manor drive west from Enterprise past Blue Diamond and into the Spring Mountains. A road carries skiers South towards Potosi and a winding offshoot of that road weaves through the mountains to a valley completely blocked by a large, ornate gate. Within the gate there is a beautiful, luxurious estate complete with a private helicopter and pad for use when the weather makes the road treacherous.

He was one of the movers and shakers behind the new furniture warehouse center that recently opened in Las Vegas. He’s trying to bring his work closer to him in this new global economy.

Some member of his family has always served on the Concilium. They were among the founding members of the local branch. Henry is no exception


James Henry Wainright

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