Place- Main House

Monty has been repairing the physical manor house, so not everything in the description still applies.


From the Prime material plane the house is situated at the end of a long gravel drive. The once orderly plantings along the drive have degenerated into a riotous tangle of overgrown bushes and trees. The house shows similar signs of disrepair. Once a lovely two storey mansion it is badly in need of repair, repainting and re-stuccoing. The lawn is weedy and overgrown. Large recycled plastic mushrooms in various psychedelic colors dot the lawn. The rooms that appear in the prime material plane are tattered, everything new is brilliantly tied died.

In the Umbra the Chantry looks similar, but better cared for from the front. The mushrooms are real and other odd, brilliant things grow in the yard with them. An extra door on the second floor leads into the East wing sub-domain and one in the basement leads into the West.


Place- Main House

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