Paul Santiago

Agnes knew him as a Spanish priest. He built the concrete cross of corinado and instituted the blessing of non interest that protected it.


He is a librarian in the Celestial Choir. A historian who guards true knowledge of what the Spanish found in America.

“The Cross held a small portion of the door that lead to the city of gold. Without that piece the door would not open, and no wishes could be made there. In the time before the Choir ripped that piece free entrance to the city was gained by means of a potion, the means of making it are lost as far as I know. This potion was quite perilous by all accounts. If the potion was improperly made it had horrible side effects when used. When properly made and consumed it transported its user to the path way leading to the city of gold. Within the city a pyramid stands and within the pyramid lies the goal of those who seek the city. Supposedly the way is trapped, but I have never tried to make my way there, so I don’t know the specifics.

Those who travel that way rarely return. Those who have their wishes granted never return. I have heard that some have gone and reversed the wishes of others, then returned… but I do not know this with any certainty."


Paul Santiago

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