RHS- Magenta Moonlight


Magenta Moonlight was the oldest surviving Cultist after the battle for the Chantry. She took over the chantry when her lover and daughter died in the battle to protect it. Despite her gratitude to Shinzu she often resents the presence of the new mages in what was once a Cultist haven. Their work ethic and eternal seriousness are such ‘downers’. Formerly a luscious red-head, she is now a wrinkled old crone. Her hair is silver, her body is bent and her eyes are filmed over. This doesn’t make her any less dynamic a figure in the chantry politics however.

She becomes the Acanthus Hierarch of the local Consilium and leader of her own cabal- Th Red hat Society.

The women of the Red Hat Society once all belonged to other cabals. They outlived their cabal mates and in their elder years decided to combine forces. Since then three members have passed on, but three remain.


RHS- Magenta Moonlight

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