Alexander Cassedine

Tall, dark, handsome and rich. Ask him, he'll tell you all about it.


A loyal member of the Mystic Moonlight chantry. Alexander lives a life of decadence and jet-setting, yet is relatively respectful to everyone he meets. He doesn’t hesitate to flaunt his wealth, or prowess with the opposite sex. He tends to adorn himself in the latest fashions, and appoints his condo accordingly. Yet behind the playboy exterior lies a character of substantial quality. Whether it’s procurring meaningful gifts for his mentors, or looking after friends and family.

By day, Alex works as the CEO of an entertainment company dubbed “StarLight”. He has a few night clubs, pool halls, cab services, escort services, restaurants and other such services in his stable. Although, he does not own any of these outright. Mr. Cassedine has a well known tie to the Serradicci crime family of Las Vegas. He is often seen out on the town with suspected hitmen, smugglers, drug dealers, and old money Sicilian types.

In and around the Chantry, he spends most of his time with his mentor Laurana Thralls. If he’s not currently knee deep in Dulce models or tearing around town in a new sports car, he can be seen slipping in and out of Cassandra’s chambers as well. He admits to her being his guilty pleasure. Recently, Alexander has been known to be branching out his magical studies under Shana, Yuki, and Master Shinzu.


-Graduated from Yale with a degree in Sociology. -Member of the Skull & Bones secret society. – Awakened at his graduation party. -Father was a famous defense attorney for the Serradicci Crime Family of Las Vegas, later rising to the rank of US Senator® for the State of Nevada. -Mother passed away at the age of 42 after a long battle with leukemia. -Generally accepted as an underboss within the family. -Tutored by Laurana and others at the chantry to be a disciplined member of the Ecsatics.

Alexander Cassedine

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