Winds of Change

While everyone is in his condo trying to find a new, safer location for the node and chantry Alex takes his opportunity to make a bid for a cabal of his own.

“Friends…acquaintances…family….I stand here before you this evening in the wake of one of the greatest tragedies to befall our humble Chantry. It seems that once again, our stronghold has been rooted out, pillaged, and exposed. As I was standing out on the veranda, a vision came to me. Nothing divine, simply a plaque that hangs on my father’s wall in his office in D.C. Over the years I’ve seen that engraved quotation literally a thousand times, never fully understanding its significance. Thomas Jefferson…’All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.’”

“My fellow Awakened, I now see that we have become those good people who remain silent. We sit idly by as our enemies surround us. We conduct gopher boy errands, spanning the globe, only hoping to further the power and prestige of a chantry who would not do the same for us. Don’t mistake my words. This cabal has always done right by me, as I’m sure they have you. But I cannot, in ‘good conscience’, remain silent….sit back and watch the very things we strive and fight for be soiled, stolen and taken for granted. What are we to do? Rebuild? Again? To what end? So that tomorrow, next month, next year, we can all be assembled again like this? “


“I hereby renounce my membership, and any and all activity as a servitor, of the Mystic Moonlight cabal.”

“Many of you are thinking right now ‘So what?’ Aside from my hard earned and much deserved playboy reputation, I have along with my compatriots, proven ourselves as a capable and well respected force in Awakened politics. With all due respect to Magenta’s rank and privilege, I cannot adhere to her leadership or vision any further. I propose instead, a new cabal….one of my own creation and direction. One which will solidify our standing, defend it members, and take a more pro-active approach to our existence. This consortium will construct a new chantry, at the site of a new node. We will interact with other cabals in the region, maintaining diplomatic relations and potentially warring with them if need be. We will not allow our members or their families be exposed. And we will certainly not repeat the mistake that we have failed to learn from in our past.”


“With all that’s being said, I bear no ill will…to Magenta, the administration, or any of you. Rather, I invite you to join us. I see assembled before us a collection of some of the finest minds of ours, or any generation. As most of us have an existing rapport, this should be a relatively seamless transition. I invite you to put personal feelings aside and make an educated and pragmatic decision on what is best for all of us. This is not a “with us or against us scenario”. This new faction is being formed with only the most sincere and pure intentions. For those of you who join us, you are welcomed with open arms. For those of you who chose to remain with Mystic Moonlight, we wish you well. We hope this travesty does not befall you a third time. And moreover, we look forward to working with you in the future.”


“There’s a long road ahead. One of creating, scouting, posturing, and action. I propose you cease repeating the same protocol expecting different results. I propose you open your mind to other possibilities. Most of all, I propose you…my people of good conscience….raise your voice.”


Minutes after he is done speaking reality warps, twisting and swirling as if it were water in a galactic toilet bowl that someone had just flushed. Everything goes black, and the party wakes in a strange home.

The home belongs to a nasty little imp that Alex has dealt with once before, and in the process of escaping the party finds some odd items that they chose to keep in case of future utility.

As soon as they exit the home it vanishes, leaving them standing at the crossroads of five paths. At the end of each path was a tower. Each of the towers looked completely different. To the North stood a stone monolith above which floated a golden key, Veronica was drawn there. To the North East stood a tower that looked like a cross between a mountain and a giant tree whose branches supported a stone book, Alex found himself climbing its stairs. To the South East a tower rose like a sword entwined by golden thorns, Simon left the others to go to it. The South West tower was a pile of bones and treasure that drew Monty like a magnet. Sven and Raven climbed the stairs of a tower of ravaged Iron and glass.

When they finished carving their names into their respective towers the various party members found themselves back in a world similar to the one they had found before, but fundamentally changed. The chantry is gone, chantries do not exist in the New World into which the characters have been thrust.

The various party members returned to the separate homes that many of them never had before to try to sort through the changes. Alex eventually took to the streets, searching for a node, determined to continue with his plans despite the changes.

Simon accompanied Monty to the little house he now owns near the campus, and shortly thereafter Monty’s legal troubles came knocking on the door. The police claimed to be searching for evidence of Monty’s supposed crime, and the search warrant described the strange ring the party found in a tomb precisely. Monty used his Space Arcana to move the ring to Veronica before they found it.

Veronica found a letter from Amanda Winter inviting her to a meeting with the Changeling Winter Queen at the apartment she now rents with the money from the fund her new aunt created for her..
After some discussion the party decided to pursue Miles as the next link in the chain, though some information Veronica found temporarily distracted their attention to a Catholic orphanage which seemed to be producing the majority of their problems.
They traced Miles to his church and discovered that he no longer had the cross. They then engaged Miles, his two body guards, Dawn and five of his acolytes in combat. They prevailed, though Sven barely made it.

Also, I thought I’d mention how people can get mana back (Since I know several people spent it).
1. From a Hallow. Anyone in the presence of a Hallow can get a number of mana back equal to its Hallow rating. This requires an hour of meditation and a successful gnosis+ composure check.
2. Scouring. People can choose to temporarily “loose” a dot in an attribute for 24 hours to get a mana back.
3. Masochism. You get three mana back for every Resistant Lethal wound you cause yourself.
4. Sacrifice. Ritual murder nets you a number of mana equal to your victim’s Health levels (with some gnosis dependant limitations on how much you can absorb in a round). This means your average housecat is worth 2 mana and your average person is worth 7. This also causes Wisdom degeneration so be prepared to accumulate derangements if you choose this route.
5. Tass. Hallows that aren’t harvested regularly create Tass, objects and substances imbued with mana. A hallow that is also a spring can generate water that restores mana when drunk (This is one example, there are others). The Mages who possess these Hallows often sell the Tass their Hallows produce.

There are eight Hallows in the Vegas area that party members have access to. They are weak hallows. Most are newly formed, the others have gone long untended. Alex knows where all of them are and has chosen one for himself. Characters can try and get the locations for themselves (either through Alex or through use of the Prime sphere).
1. The Old Ambassador hotel (Alex has claimed this one for himself and his cabal)
2. A Laundromat
3. A decaying old home
4. A park
5. A restaurant
6. A mall
7. An intersection
8. The grounds where Miles church stood before someone (I wonder who?) burned it down.

There are five more powerful Hallows that are obviously claimed
a. At the top of the Palazzo (Private level)
b. A small tower on the grounds of a Buddhist temple, there is a tea house next door.
c. The clock tower on the University grounds (off limits to most students and staff)
d. The old Town Art Gallery
e. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish

There may also be other hallows in areas near Las Vegas, Alex didn’t dive around the desert and mountains. Most Hallows are in high places, or places where strongly emotional things happen. Strong emotions can taint Mana, making it harder to work with. The most powerful Hallow that any of the party members have directly contacted is James Henry’s and is located in the Spring Mountain area near Vegas (about an hour away). It predates the creation of the various National parks and Recreation areas that dominate the vicinity. Other powerful Hallows may exist outside of areas that are easy to search and take possession of.


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