The Interim

The tow truck came and hauled Alex’s expensive European sports car up onto a flat bed. Monty and Veronica rode in the cab with the driver and gave him directions to the out of the way farm house that housed the portal to the chantry shard realms. Alex, still trapped on the wrong side of the gauntlet, rode on the hood of his car while keeping an eye on the spell that was keeping their enemy captive.

The tow truck driver was a bit confused when the party wanted him to drop the car off in the yard, but they tipped him well so he figured “whatever”. Once the truck and driver were gone Shana came out of the chantry and started the process of absorbing the car into the main shard realm.

At that point all hell broke loose. Trucks raced up the drive way and vomited hordes of monstrosities onto the scene. Men in black piled out of the trucks along with Plague and Famine. Everyone in the chantry spilled out to defend it. All was chaos until a familiar man wearing a half mask raced OUT of the chantry and flung himself into one of the vans. Martin made an appearance then, pulling out a pocket portal that consumed himself, Plague, Famine, the vans, the surviving men in black, the monstrosities that were still standing and Alex’s car. The party was left with a pile of rapidly decaying corpses and the certainty that the location of their portal was no longer a secret.

Reginald started an inventory in order to determine what had been stolen while Shana and Friar Mark began the process of separating chantry and node from their tethers on the Prime Material plane and relocating them temporarily to Alex’s condo. It was three days before Reginald was certain enough of his results to present them to the chantry as a whole. The only thing missing was the Cross the party had brought back from Dodge City.

Research into the nature of that artifact began in earnest. After questioning the party in detail Friar Mark contacted one of the Celestial Choir strongholds in Spain. He spoke to several people, but when he hinted that the technocracy may have gained possession of that cross he was granted a private interview with Paul Santiago.

Paul is a librarian in the Celestial Choir. A historian who guards true knowledge of what the Spanish found in America. Hidden within the cross is a shard of black stone that gleams like gold in the right light. It is a piece of the door to the City of Gold without which the door cannot be opened. Unlike the legends the city is not made of gold. It isn’t even truly a city. It is a fragment of the chaos and possibility that created the world as we know it and from the temple at the heart of the city anyone dedicated and fanatical enough to risk their life placing their hand on the tip of the pyramid can remake reality to their will. When the Freemasons used it to create the gauntlet the Choir went to great effort to see that no one could ever reach the city again, and Paul was frantic when he realized that the defenses he had put so much effort into creating had been breached.


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