Pridemi Biologicals

When the party reached the address they found a large office complex containing four businesses. The first floor was occupied by an accounting office and the city zoning commission. The upper floor was where Pridemi Biologicals was located across from a casino corporation headquarters.

When they entered the Pridemi office they were confronted by Dawn, Pridemi’s administrative assistant. After poking around for a while and becoming frustrated by Dawn’s mechanistic responses they made an appointment to speak with her boss. They used the time that they were waiting for their appointment to raid Pridemi’s garbage. They discovered that Pridemi was dumping things that should almost certainly disposed of as hazardous waste in the local landfill. They also found reams of paper work that Monty shoved into Alex’s trunk to look through later.

Monty, Miles and Veronica showed up for the meeting. They might have been able to get information out of him with their ruse, except for the fact that he had already encountered Monty in Egypt. As soon as he saw them he hit his panic button and retreated through the door behind his desk as Men In Black converged upon the characters.

A dramatic fight ensued with Miles mind controlling Dawn and attempting to mind control a MIB. Monty used his guns to good effect and Veronica attempted to use the dagger she had gotten from her new mentor. When she succeeded in stabbing one of the MIBs with the dagger and killing it, the shock was so much that the MIBs retreated from the scene leaving the strangely clay like corpse of their fellow behind.

This gave the party some time to look through the office. Monty and Miles collected samples of each of the completed jars of Goo. Veronica spent her time exploring a room that contained three cocoon like oblongs. When she used her new dagger on it she managed to make one of the things open. Inside it looked like a mold for the MIBs the party had been facing, but she was unable to determine how it worked before emergency personnel responded to the alarm that had been going off since the button was pressed.

The party escaped to sort through their new finds and determine their next move.

Miles traveled separately from the rest of the party taking Dawn, the mind controlled secretary with him. He later communicated with the party a final time, letting them know that he had found no way to reverse what Pridemi had done to Dawn’s brain and that he did not want to travel with them any longer.

He has one more thing to say about Dawn – she has a brand on her left butt cheek. It reads AnAZ0133.

Monty and Veronica went through the documents and jars with Samir. Eventually they determined that Pridemi was working on about ten dozen experimental goops. Pridemi considered the batch a success if the first number in the columns is a 100, none of the numbers is below 50 and no value exceeds 200. I’ve charted out the values for the jars you stole and will post it in a later entry.


amiyusesha Zorana

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