Nature Springs

The party returned to the chantry to sort through their discoveries and decide what to do next. There they met Soren, Friar Mark’s new assistant. Alex tended to the egg he discovered in the paradox realm he was sucked into (Alex is known for acquiring paradox…). Soren’s dragon familiar was able to identify the species of the egg (something Alex had been trying to do for some time) and Alex finally learned that he was trying to hatch a feathered serpent.

Veronica did some internet research on Nature Springs Water and learned that it was bottled in Florida near the park the party had visited while searching for the Fountain of Youth. She also learned that it was distributed nationally from a few key warehouses. The water was not actually sold in Vegas, but one of the warehouses was located there. The group decided to take a look at the warehouse for Nature Springs Water that was located in Vegas. They took a cab.

Glenda, the receptionist, proved difficult to fool and was adamant about sticking to the warehouse’s policy about visitors. Alex distracted her while Veronica and Soren dealt with Bill, the foreman. Monty snuck around the building and entered through a back door. He made his way down a long hallway to a storage room where he found himself tangled in a giant spider web. As he struggled to escape, a woman’s hands began to strip and caress him.

The rest of the party was having troubles of their own. Once they made their way out of the offices and into the main warehouse, they were confronted by a trio of creatures that looked like men, but had the heads of spiders and eight giant spider legs sprouting from their backs. Once the battle started to turn their way, Alex went hunting for Monty and saved him from the woman in the back. She would have been good looking if she had not shared the spider-like characteristics of the male monsters.

Alex pulled the woman into the Umbra with the lure of a lover rather more willing than the now fleeing Monty. There he destroyed her body and trapped her soul in his diamond with those of the former froglodytes. He found himself incapable of leaving the Umbra however, and so released the soul of the adult woman froglodyte still trapped in the gem. He shaped her into a spirit that could aid him. She became rather stronger than he anticipated and moved him into the material plane easily before wandering off to explore the Umbra with her newfound freedom, power, and spider eyes.

Once their enemies were neutralized, the party discovered that Glenda was the only member of the staff who was not involved in the Nature Springs Water plot and released her. Monty gave her some money, and she left after offering to show him her breasts and leaving him with her number. Monty then took one of the loaded semis of water back to the chantry while Soren called in a team of Choirboys to purify the tainted area.

Alex took this opportunity to try and get Veronica into bed. He took her back to his condo so that she could clean up and change, and then he took her to a fancy Japanese restaurant that he owns. After the restaurant, the two went to a bar and pool-house that Alex also owns. There they were joined by Monty and the twins Rana and Lana. The five had a grand time. Veronica won the opportunity to punch Alex in the face after beating him at pool, and everyone got a bit tipsy on Alex’s tab. Everything was going great until the Werewolf in the bar freaked out and started destroying things. The fight was going poorly for Alex’s bar (the pool table made a very nice hole in the wall) until the twins earned themselves some paradox turning the werewolf to stone.

The team split up and headed home after that, except for Veronica. She discovered that the bar patron she had found hiding under a table was Brownie. Having some need for changeling aid she escorted him to a place he considered safe and engaged him in conversation.


amiyusesha Zorana

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