Letters from a harddrive

Most of what was in the computers was vending business oriented or fetish porn. These two letters from the secretary’s computer appear to have been in progress drafts. The secretary’s name seems to be Laura Hyden.

Letter 1


Everything proceeds according to your plan. The corruption of my city is nearly complete. The alliance seems to be working well. The addition of the serum to our plot has moved the time table here up by more than a year. We may be hearing the Lion’s roar the son’s return sooner than expected.

I worry somewhat about the competency of the agent chosen by our allies however. He is brutish and unsubtle capable of understanding only the tasks required at the moment. I have not interfered with him as of yet, though his focus on children has negatively impacted my crop. I eagerly await knowledge of your desires.

Letter 2


All my projects are growing at their anticipated rate. You were correct in assuming that the substrate provided by our new coworkers would increase growth rates exponentially. Proper preparation of the experiments has proven key in advancing the research here. The youth of the current batch of subjects and their lesser body mass than that of our previous batch has increased completion parameters by more than 50 percent.

The new assistant provided for stocking supplies is less than ideal. I understand that he came with the highest of recommendations by our colleagues, but his inefficiencies and inability to compose a comprehensible report limit his usefulness a great deal.

Certain party members had flunkies look into the histories of the people from Broken Arrow Vending and received the following information:

The boss is easy to find, and your hackers give you a folder on him in a couple of days. The secretary is more of an enigma. Once they looked into her seriously her cover story (the one on her job aplication) fell apart. As far as anyone can tell she has only existed for about a year, and she has worked for the vending company as a secretary that whole time.


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