Letter from the manor

November 25, 2009 Jake Logan PO box 33 Rapid City, South Dakota

Dear Sir: Here are the supplies you requested. Remember that GenAF is both experimental and unstable. It will start to degrade quickly unless applied to a subject within the next 13 days. Once the first subject has encysted the growth around the cyst will produce a suitable substrate for your continued efforts. Please remember to follow proper safety measures while using GenAF and the substrate as both the cyst and active forms of the AF7 are highly contagious. The cure is even less stable than GenAF, it cannot be shipped to you. You will have to return to the lab for treatment.

Sincerely, Martin Martinson Director of Research, Pridemi Biologicals Phone:(702)339-6301 Fax: (702) 434-7463

The return address on the envelope is Martin Martinson Director of Research, Pridemi Biologicals Development Services Center 731 South Fourth Street Las Vegas, NV 89101


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