House of Cards

House of Cards

After Monty, Samir and Veronica returned to the chantry they gave Andrew’s remains to his mentor and experiment some with the fountain. Mu and Hu called them to the parlor where Miss Magenta was waiting with three strangers. Sven (Aaron’s new character) was introduced as a new member of the chantry. The blond twins, Rana and Lana, were introduced as associates in need of assistance.

While diving in a shipwreck the twin found a strange box with a hint of magical aura around it. They took the thing home with them and opened it. It proved to contain a deck of cards which possessed a strong magical aura. After some experimentation they discovered that the cards came to life. They were experimenting with controlling the creatures the cards summoned to this plane and lost control of one of them. They chased the creature all over Las Vegas before managing to return it to its card form, gaining a great deal of paradox in the process. When they attempted to return home one of the other activated cards prevented them from entering, and they were in no condition to fight it.

The party agreed to help the girls and headed to a very normal looking two story brick home. They circled the tall privacy fence in order to enter from the rear. Sven boosted Monty over the fence and he let them in through the garage/woodshop. They walked around a pond and peeked in the windows at the conservatory then let themselves in through the pantry. The main box for the house’s utilities was there and Monty decided to turn of the gas hoping to prevent destroying the home. While he was doing so he startled and was startled by a small fast moving golden furred creature. It left his vicinity very quickly.

Once Monty had the gas off the party proceeded into the tightly packed kitchen with its commercially sized appliances. Sven saw the golden furred creature again. It was in the hall way beyond the kitchen door. He took two shots at it marring the floorboards it had been sitting on but missing it completely. They did not see it again as they explored the ground floor so they proceeded to the basement workroom through the hidden panel by the stairs.

The basement was dominated by a large circular pool. Racks on one side of the pool held broom while shelves on the other side held oddities. The deck was clearly visible at the far end of the room on a table. Floating over the pool was an odd brightly dressed person sitting on a red blanket. Veronica waited at the top of the spiral stairs in case one of the more dangerous cards made an appearance while the party engaged the floating person in conversation. It seemed pleasant if a bit simple minded and Sven decided to make his way around it towards the deck. He reached the deck with no difficulties, but as soon as he tried to touch it the creature acted. It flipped its blanket out, tangling him in the bright red folds. As soon as the blanket wrapped around him Sven vanished.

Monty engaged the thing in further conversation learning that it called itself Erase, that it was guarding the deck, and seemed to have no intention of returning Sven. It also seemed to be aware of the other cards. Once Veronica had rejoined the party they attacked the thing in force returning it to its card form. Sven reappeared and fell into the cold saltwater pool the thing had been floating over. The card fluttered over to Veronica. Monty collected the deck, closing its box and fastening the cards within.

The party trooped back upstairs and saw the golden furred creature again. Samir tossed it a candy which it claimed before vanishing again. Veronica sat down with a handful of the cat treats that she kept for Spot. She slowly lured it closer with the treats, and once it was close enough to touch Samir recommended that she see what happened if she touched the gemstone that centered its forehead. She did so and the creature vanished, turning into a card labeled “The Dash”.

While this was going on Monty attempted to climb the stairs and explore the second floor. At the top pf the stairs he encountered an oddly dressed young girl who named herself Fight and demanded a battle. Monty fared poorly despite the fact that she was clearly pulling her punches- the only damage that he took was from his tumble down the stairs. He grabbed a frying pan from the kitchen and tried again with much the same result. The third time proved to be the charm as the entire party trooped up the stairs and hit her with everything they had. Once again the card fluttered over to Veronica leaving her with three of the five cards they needed to find.

The party explored the second floor slowly and learned a lot about the family. Monty and Veronica were exploring the quadruplet’s room when they collapsed. Samir and Sven eliminated the small bluish creature that was tucking them into the beds and the two woke again. The Sleep card fluttered over to Samir.

All that was left of the house was the attic and the party proceeded up through the trap door with some trepidation. A small, pretty child with long silvery white hair was sitting on some boxes and gazing out the small circular window at the street below. Sven talked to her, and learned that she wanted to go outside. When he offered to take her she came to him willingly. He took her hand and touched her jewel, turning her back into a card.

The party returned to the chantry and the twins gave them the deck for their troubles. Veronica and Samir flipped through the cards while Monty and Sven flirted with the twins.


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