Froglodyte Manor

Alex, Veronica, and Monty were called together by Cabrina. She had sent Samir upon an information gathering expedition a week ago, and had not heard back from him at the appointed time. She was worried about him and wanted the party to find him for her as she was too old to travel.

The three drove to Rapid City in Alex’s new car. Veronica sat in the back and read through the File folder of information Cabrina gave them about the missing children that had drawn her attention to Rapid City in the first place. Rather than stay in the Super 8 Samir choose (a hot bed of missing child activity) Alex first got a room at the fanciest hotel in the area. After that they returned to the Super 8 where Alex flirted with the attendant on duty at the counter.

He rapidly impressed her enough that she gave the party Samir’s abandoned baggage and old room. In the room Alexander used his Time abilities to review Samir’s activities while Veronica went through his notes. The notes identified a nearby abandoned home as a place of interest and the vision involved some interesting reactions to the brand of bottled water that the hotel stocked.

Alex determined that the water was delivered by the Broken Arrow vending company and that the delivery man had not yet been by for the day. He also convinced the desk girl to hang around after her shift for him. Veronica took a rental car to the local library where she determine that the home Samir had been interested in had been built by the Kenmore family after the small town Midwestern duo won the lottery. It was then abandoned as unsellable after the family squandered their winnings and moved back to their previous home.

Ken the delivery man was of little use to the party, however they used his delivery map to get an overview of the situation and his delivery truck to get a glimpse inside of the Broken Arrow facility. They also determined that the taint that could be mystically perceived clinging to many of the people they encountered around town was found in the Nature Springs water delivered by Broken Arrow Vending.

After Alexander screwed the desk clerk the party decided to head to the old manor. There they found Samir’s rental, the remains of some dead animals and a strange mage tied up in one of the front rooms. Veronica and Monty stripped the stranger of his weapons. He attempted to gain them back through mind magic, but Monty interfered using countermagic and the attempt failed.

The new mage traveled with the party as they finished exploring the house, mostly because they still had his guns. The four of them found the architecture of the home frustrating. They also found the room of a young girl named Alice whose journal indicated that some sort of monsters were living in the area under the house. The final thing they found in the above ground section of the house were signs that Samir had been there. His guns were lying on floor in one of the attics.

Alex viewed the past to see Samir exploring the house while a large, wild haired man dressed as a lumber jack snuck up behind him and struck him over the head before dragging him off. The three friends and their reluctant companion followed the past vision to one of the two sink holes that collapsed portions of the back floor of the manor. They braved the stench wafting up from the hole and climbed down in search of answers.

There they fought slime covered frog creatures whose mucus caused strange rashes and the giant lumberjack fellow. In the process of the battle they freed several more of the froglodytes and discovered that they had been created from the missing children. Alex stepped back from the combat and captured the souls of the children turned froglodytes before they fell into oblivion. He also captured the soul of the one adult froglodyte who was slain after they discovered that the monsters were unwilling converts.

Once the combat was over, the party explored their surroundings. They found two main chambers in the natural seeming tunnel formation. The first was the source of the froglodytes. They found Samir and the missing children encased in translucent green bubbles coated in the strange mucous. They were clearly in the process of transforming into froglodytes. The party freed the ones who had not started to transform, including Samir. Samir and Alex worked together to stop the progress of the transformation, but they could not manage to reverse it.

While the spell casting was going on Monty and Veronica explored the other chamber. They found an exit onto a mountain side and a jeep as well as the cavern the lumberjack fellow was sleeping in. The found his stash of the tainted water, his cot, a small generator a Coleman lantern, a table and an empty shipping box from Pridemi Biologicals with an instruction and warning pamphlet referring to a compound called GEN-AF.

Next they went to the headquarters of Broken Arrow vending and poked around. They found no supernatural defenses but took the secretary’s hard drive as she seemed to be the one most involved in the plot. They also took her back-up cash stash, but they left all of her tools of sadomasochistic delight. After that they chose to drive back to Vegas and explore the address from the package in the cave.

Chris’ addition:

Alex made quick work of all the opposition and quickly founded his own chantry. Everything was made of platinum and coated in harp seal fur. The wine flowed like water, women flocked to him instinctively like the salmon of Capistrano. The decadence was legendary. Millions flocked to partake in the sheer debauchery which occurred on a bi-hourly basis. Later that February, Alex won the Superbowl with the help of the Polish Bikini Team. Final score: Team Alex 187, Colts -12. This of course landed him his lucrative advertising deal as the spokesman for both Trojan Condoms and KY Jelly. Using the residuals, he purchased his own private island in the South Pacific, annexing a small portion of Bora Bora. Dubbing it Fucktown, the newly formed free state saw a steady influx of supermodels, rock stars, and risen members of Nero’s Senate. Alas, Mr. Cassedine grew bored, having fathered children with Heidi Klum, Jenna Jameson, Kate Beckinsale, and Scarlet Johanssen, he proceeded to not only win paternity cases in 5 states, but confirmed the most profitable child support case in US history, in which he accumulated roughly 3.4 mill a week.


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