Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

Monty, Alexander and Lao met Samir and Veronica in Friar Mark’s library. Andrew was sent by professor Montmercy to bring Veronica to the lab and show her his library. Monty drafted the entire group to help on a new archeological quest; he intended to find the fountain of youth.

The mismatched little group headed out from the Las Vegas national airport. They were armed with a series of fake I.D.’S provided by Madeline, the chantry’s Virtual Adept. Andrew gets them tickets on a flight to Florida where they stop by the Fountain of Youth National Park. Certain members of the party recognize the supernatural nature of the park staff. That and oddities about the archeological dig site associated with the park make them curious. They wait until after dark to meet Dr. Schnider, the park curator.

Monty chatted with the beautiful red headed archeologist while the other party members examined her. The dig site and the artifacts she was finding were authentic, as were her methods. By various magical means she was identified as a vampire of at least 200 years, the party did not share the fact that they knew she was other than she appeared.

After they left the park they flew to San Juan where they visited Ponce De Leon’s tomb. They arrived in the middle of the night and went straight to the church where it was located. Lao distracted the priest using a combination of religious confession and mind magic while the rest of the party worked at getting into the tomb. Andrew sent his Swarm down to scout conditions, then he Veronica and Samir used their powers to lift the tombstone (resolving one of the many riddles in Cassandra’s most recent note to Alexander). Monty slipped into the tomb as soon as there was room for him. He destroyed the remains of the ancient explorer; they crumbled into dust as soon as they were touched. Strangely enough, a piece of parchment he was holding did not crumble. The ring he was wearing survived as well. Monty took both items and returned to the main hall of the church.

The three mages attempted to lower the tombstone back to its previous position, but dropped it at the last minute, cracking it. This brought the priest and Lao out of the confessional and Aleaxnder from his watch post (He was present but uninvolved). Since there was nothing odd for the priest to see the party left with no trouble (the crack would be discovered in the morning) and the party retired to a hotel where they examined the ring and parchment before getting some sleep (some party members chose not to sleep).

The ring is decorated with a large sapphire engraved with a symbol depicting two intertwined snakes. The parchment was actually a piece of papyrus which had been magically preserved and translated into Spanish. It contained some information about a group of vampires known as the children of Set. Veronica and Samir recognized the name somewhat.

In the morning they left San Juan for France on some information that Monty had. At the airport paranoia prompted Samir to examine every redhead he encountered, Veronica remembered red headedness to be considered a desirable trait by the Children of Set. In this way he found him self spending a rather enjoyable plane trip in the company of the red headed supermodel Janine Newfield.

The party visited the Louvre after Monty and Andrew robbed an ATM. After that they headed to the Pont du’Arc national park. They found it closed and strangely fortified. The heavily armed park ranger tells them that this state of affairs is due to a collapse in the cave complex. The party beats him up and hogties him, tucking him into the back of Samir’s rented van before they stole his military grade armaments and cut the chains binding the gate so that they could enter the park. They parked the van and headed down the path through the trees towards the park visitor center.

They were looking at the closed, locked and barred buildings when they heard a horrible rending sound from the parking lot. They ran back along the path to find that the back doors of their van had been ripped off and the park ranger was missing. Blood splatter and the hand they found seemed to indicate that he had not survived his leave taking. They followed up on the now missing park ranger’s information and found a nearly circular sink hole. Magic told them little about what had happened there. All that they could determine was that the fountain was underground and active.

They returned to the visitor’s center and the Swarm got them into the main building. They found empty dynamite boxes and caving supplies in the office. The elevator seemed functional, but there was some discussion about whether it should be used. Lao solved the quandary by proceeding down the emergency shaft. The rest of the party followed him. Lao returned to the surface to keep watch from above while the rest of the party explored the caves. After a short rest in the main cave they preceded down what should have been the most direct route to the font-directly towards they crater they had viewed from above. Veronica was startled to find the remains of an unrecognizable four winged bird ting next to her bed. Spot had brought her a present overnight.

The main cavern path ended in a long tight tunnel and a final cave in. The remains of a mixed Technomancer scouting party were found in the cave. Magic showed that they had been injured and poisoned, fleeing from some danger when the cave in happened. The party took their supplies and Andrew took their journals to be examined in depth later.

The party backtracked to an unexplored section of cave that seemed to head in the right direction. Relying heavily on Andrew’s advice as he attempted to precog the right path the party explored the cave complex. Spot made his presence know again at their next rest stop. This feathered lizard thing was smaller and wingless, but just as odd as the previous gift he’d brought Veronica.

The party reached a large grotto area in the caves and a strange noise prompted Monty to separate from the rest of the group and investigate. As soon as he was alone he was attacked by a pack of strange feathered dinosaur creatures. Samir’s assistance was less than effective, but Alexander’s magic bullets prevented the pair from being horribly mauled. Veronica held off a second pack that attempted to circle around them and the party regrouped after killing one of the creatures and driving all of the others off. Samir identified the odd creatures as the threat the Technomancer party had been fleeing from. The party retreated to a small cavern to rest and recuperate.

They found the fountain soon after proceeding onward. It was floating in the center of an underground lake whose water was entirely tainted by its magic. After several attempts on Monty’s part to retrieve the thing by nonmagical means Alexander got fed up with the waiting and walked over the water to claim the artifact. While the rest of the party bundled the thing in plastic Monty sampled the lake’s water with no ill effect.

The party headed back towards the elevator and shaft. They encountered no more of the dinosaur creatures. Instead they faced off against a trio of Men In Black. The party emerged victorious from the combat, but short one party member. Andrew was vaporized by one of their laser blasts. All that could be found of him and his familiar was a blacked, pitted sphere of metal about the size of a basket ball.

The rest of their return to the surface was uneventful. They rendezvoused with Lao and discussed their activities and options. Monty split off from the group to explore alone. He encountered a cave bear on this excursion. While he escaped with his life he initiated the complete destruction of Samir’s rented van.

Alexander and Monty both made telephone calls. The fire truck and emergency personnel who mobilized in response to Monty’s call arrived first. Monty proceeded to steal said fire truck. Samir and Veronica accompanied him on a wild cross country car chase. Lao and Alexander had a much more peaceful trip; they rode to Paris in the car of a French cultist of Alexander’s acquaintance.

Monty and Samir went to a beach photo shoot at the invitation of Samir’s new girl friend. Monty flirted with random supermodels while Samir spent his time with Janine. He arranged to fly back to the states with her. Her next contract was in California and the employer had arranged a private jet for her. Veronica spent this time at their hotel doing research on the internet.


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